About us

We have a nicely balanced group of proven professionals who have the ability to impact your business in some very positive ways, Our day-to-day style of working is very collaborative and accommodating to the needs of our customers.

What follows are some comments from our co-workers. They're putting forth their own views about what makes imagine nation different (and better) compared with other places they’ve worked.

Of course, these people are being paid to say nice things about us.


Tasha Cho

General Manager / Client Services

“We take great pride in our client communication style, especially our follow-up documentation. Our best clients are our partners and they count on me to keep them abreast of all creative and financial matters. It’s about setting realistic expectations, then managing them. The last thing I want is a surprised client."

Frank Vrtar

New Media / Graphic Design

“A lot of agencies have a "look." I can look at a piece and say, "This was done by Agency X." Not here. We spend a lot of time researching the brand and the consumer. This lets us tailor our work to the needs and wants of the consumer, but in a style that lifts up the brand.”

Brett Schindler

Market Knowledge / Graphic Design

“The thing that impressed me the most when I came aboard was the thought process that comes into play before any creative work begins. I’ve worked at places that did it the other way around, so imagine nation has taught me to think first, then create. Clients  really seem to appreciate the difference.”

Kim Arnold

Brand Consistency / Graphic Design

“Consistency in branding is much more important than a lot of people seem to realize. If you don’t manage your look, your messaging and your overall design carefully, who is going to do it? Consistency is the foundation of your brand’s equity. You need to protect it.”