moving pictures

It's pretty much the same idea on all the work we do for TV: Blend images and sound to help move people– emotionally – in the direction you need them to go.

Below are just a few of the pieces we've produced. There's a nice range to review: From TV Spots filmed conventionally to spots we animated and produced for broadcast in Flash, to some really well done long form videos to introduce products all around the world.

Detmer & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning

Detmer & Sons

the detmer difference tv spots

This is part of a really nice, local market series of re-positioning spots that feature Flash!

Titleist Golf Clubs Fitting Works Print Materials


fittingworks consumer information video

As long form videos go, this is beautiful work. Probably more than you'll ever need to know about club fitting, too.

Titleist Golf Clubs Fitting Works Print Materials

benefits choice

Movie madness Promotional Video

Kind of a fun way to approach a pretty mundane subject. Just trying to break the monotony of everyday corporate life.

FootJoy Classics Television Spot


Footjoy Classics television spot

A spot that ran domestically and internationally to celebrate the best golf shoe ever made. FJ Classics: may they R.I.P.