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Strategy is critical to achieving good work. In our experience, the best branding results from a well-conceived strategy.

We want our clients to control the process; you drive we steer. We can take you as deep as you are willing to go. The more you know, the more you can do with your communications. Strategy improves both your creativity and the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Case histories

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How have we helped our clients? View our case histories for some examples.

This is why we always make strategy development the first step in any relationship or project of substance. At right are some quick case histories that demonstrate the benefits of our passion for planning.

consumer brand re-animation

We helped reverse their downward market share spiral, then helped double it to an all-time high.
Pinnacle golf balls was once the market leader of the “value” segment. Its share  was reduced by more than 60% from its original high, with no bottom in sight.
Our review of the situation led us to some key perceptions:1) A recent influx of new players meant that the target golfer had become younger and more athletic. 2) The category was re-defining itself because of greatly intensified competition from other manufacturers. 3) The value category was beginning to produce different products offering a wider range of performance attributes.
We called for primary research to validate our findings and explore the mindset of the target audience more deeply. Research confirmed our concerns and more. We prescribed a brand personality makeover with a line extension including higher performing products, a new spokesperson and a new look and feel at the point of sale.

Re-branding a service program

We helped curb badly waning employee participation in a wellness program, driving enrollemnt to more than 80%.
Problem :
Participation in a very forward-thinking, fully featured wellness program flattened, then eroded. This fact threatened years of development and corporate investment.
We found that this wellness program was incredibly well conceived, but suffering from an inconsistent branding and communications approach. To solidify the base, we prescribed a more comprehensive and disciplined approach to communication. This would renew interest among those employees already in the wellness program, but what about the majority of the company who were not inclined to get off the couch?
We began with the Marketing 101 approach of a complete re-branding. To bring the other employees into the fold, we recommended the concept of driving behavior modification over time, using ongoing financial incentives.